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We are Nicola and Mario, the INCIPIT creators. 

If you are a youtube user, you will probably be familiar with our faces. Don’t you know who we are? Here is something about us…

Our friendship began more than 30 years ago in our elementary school located in Termoli (in Italy, btw).   One day, during the breaktime snack , we ate one of the most delicious snack of all time a sandwich with trout… well, maybe we are going back in time a little bit too much…



Let’s start again.

Our full names are Nicola Palmieri e Mario Palladino, known on youtube as Redez and Synergo from “Quei Due Sul Server” (QDSS). We founded Our Youtube channel back in 2012, we speak mostly about videogames.

During all those years, we founded some other Youtube channels:


 Those are only some of them….but we challenge you to find them all!  


Not only are we two differently young, charming and astonishingly beautiful content creator, but we also love making new things to entertain our follower going beyond the videogame world.



In our CV you can find:

Authors ands actors of  a theatrical performance

Authors ands actors of more than one web series;

Directors of documentaries;

Comic Books artists;

Writers of lots of short stories;

Designer of very chic t-shirts;

We are also the masterminds behind some mini rubber penises, known to people as Cazza di Sicurezzo;

And again, the masterminds behind the same mini- penises, but made out of very fine wood and completely handmade: il Cazza di Sicurezzo Edizione Raffinatezzo. We are rocket scientists, it’s a fact! 

It’s clear that we don’t like to get bored.

Do you want to follow our wonderful adventure mixed with cazza, scienze and differently-beautiful games?


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